Pediatric Anesthesia

Watching a child transition out and then back into their body before and after a surgery is a sacred peek into what would otherwise be years of development.

We all have blockages in our neuro-endocrine-immune system. In children, it manifests as chronic belly pain, headaches, and/or difficulties in concentration of having control of the body. Over half of children today have one of 20 chronic medical conditions (allergies, asthma, sensory disorders, seizures, obesity, autism, etc), which include many of these symptoms. When a child undergoes anesthesia, many of these blockages can be seen when the child transitions out and back into their body, such as restriction in the lungs or posturing in the extremities.

When I am working with a child, I am continuously watching for signs of blockages to gain a deeper perspective into the overall health of the child so that I can better assimilate an anesthetic plan specific to that child.

For Emergencies: Call 911

* Pre-operative appointment: This is a one-hour phone appointment to go over any questions and concerns you have about your upcoming anesthetic. We will also create a personalized plan for you to optimize your anesthetic experience, including after anesthesia care.

I do not contract with insurance companies, so I will not be able to be brought into your local surgery center or hospital. If there is a cash/credit only option, it is possible I can be brought it to provide your anesthesia, if the surgeon allows it.

Pre-operative preparation:

Anything you can do to increase the health of your mitochondria will allow for the best possible anesthetic, and surgical, outcome. Stay (or become) adequately hydrated starting one week prior to the procedure. Room temperature glacial waters such as Icelandic, Evian, and Voss are good options. Find a place away from electrical ground pollution where your child can ground each day. Rivers and beaches are usually good places to go, although touching a tree in the middle of a park can be highly beneficial for discharging any accumulated positive ions that are sludging your mitochondria. If weather permits, allow your child to walk barefoot in these environments for a few minutes each day. To increase the efficiency of your child’s transition out and back into consciousness, give them daily morning and evening sunlight in the eyes and on the skin (as well as having them consume zero screens and limited blue light before bed, and turning off the Wi-Fi signals in the home each night).

Adequate hydration
Daily grounding
Daily morning and evening sunlight
Intermittent fasting; restricting grains and sugars, especially in winter.
Limit non-native EMF sources, such as screens and blue lights.

Post-operative suggestions:
Continue getting morning and evening sun to help reset the body’s internal clocks for optimal biorhythms. Drink plenty of glacial water to help flush the toxins out of the body. Nightly Epsom salt baths for one week will help move the bowels and support the detox process. Arnica homeopathic by mouth each morning for one week can be helpful if the child experienced any trauma during the surgery.

Continue the above, plus…
Daily Epsom Salt baths for a week to support detoxification of the anesthetics
Homeopathic arnica for physical, mental, and/or emotional trauma.

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