Conscious is my medium. I have been working with shifting consciousness for over 15 years. Bringing a patient safely through surgery and recovery, while minimizing trauma, has been my focus throughout. Many centers focus on production and/or cost. My focus is and always has been on the patient experience. I treat everyone as if they were my family member

Any time you have an anesthetic, you are essentially losing the conscious connection between your prefrontal/frontal lobes and your sight, hearing, pain and movement responses. As a bit of interest, the 8th cranial nerve, that perceives sound, is the most difficult nerve to change the polarity of, aka to “anesthetize.” This has to do with the more limited myelination and nerve conduction ability, but this explains why some people report hearing the people in the room talking as their last perceptive experience before “falling asleep” and the first when upon waking.

As your “guardian of the threshold” it is my duty to bring you to the edge of consciousness, just enough to tolerate the procedure safely, and then safely back again. I am the only person in the room with the task, and as such, and am constantly connected to each beat of your heart of breath of your lungs. I hold that lifeline so you can let go into your own healing process, knowing you are well taken care of earthside.

For Emergencies: Call 911

* Pre-operative appointment: This is a one-hour phone appointment to go over any questions and concerns you have about your upcoming anesthetic. We will also create a personalized plan for you to optimize your anesthetic experience, including after anesthesia care.

I do not contract with insurance companies, so I will not be able to be brought into your local surgery center or hospital. If there is a cash/credit only option, it is possible I can be brought it to provide your anesthesia, if the surgeon allows it.

Pre-operative preparation:

Anything you can do to increase the health of your mitochondria will allow for the best possible anesthetic, and surgical, outcome. Stay (or become) adequately hydrated starting one week prior to the procedure. Room temperature glacial waters such as Icelandic, Evian, and Voss are good options. Find a place away from electrical ground pollution and ground each day. Rivers and beaches are usually good places to go, although touching a tree in the middle of a park can be highly beneficial for discharging any accumulated positive ions that are sludging your mitochondria. To increase the efficiency of your body’s transition out and back into consciousness, get daily morning and evening sunlight in your eyes and on your skin (as well as consuming zero screens and limited blue light before bed, and leaving your phone in airplane mode). If you have someone to guide you, intermittent fasting and a mitogenic diet can be very supportive of your healing processes.

Adequate hydration
Daily grounding
Daily morning and evening sunlight
Intermittent fasting; restricting grains and sugars, especially in winter.
Limit non-native EMF sources, such as screens and blue lights.

Post-operative suggestions:
Continue getting morning and evening sun to help reset the body’s internal clocks for optimal biorhythms. Drink plenty of glacial water to help flush the toxins out of the body. Nightly Epsom salt baths for one week will help move the bowels and support the detox process. Arnica homeopathic by mouth each morning for one week can be helpful if physical, mental, and/or emotional trauma was experienced during the surgery.

Continue the above, plus…
Daily Epsom Salt baths for a week to support detoxification of the anesthetics
Homeopathic arnica for trauma.
Be sure to arrange a driver to bring you home after your sedation. You should not drive or make any major decisions within 24 hours of the sedation.

Don't settle for anything less than your best health. Raise the glass ceiling.

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