We are increasingly exposed to non-native sources of EMF in our environment. We spend more time indoors under non-physiologic lighting and less time outdoors. We use WI-FI in our homes and businesses and have gotten used to the ringing in our ears and the tingling in our hands. We feel the phone vibrate in our pocket, even when it’s not in our pocket. 5G is rolling out in almost every major city. When you turn your computer’s WI-FI signal on, you will see a dozen or more WI-FI signals being picked up. Until we are able to collectively stand up and change the direction of this technology towards safer options, we need to be focused on creating the best individual health we can for ourselves and for our children. No one else is going to do this for you, you need to educate yourself and take action now. Your brain, your heart, and your mitochondria will thank you.

What does creating your best health look like in the context of nnEMF? There are many fancy gimmicks and supplements out there that profess to be the answer to all of your EMF woes, but I will show actionable ways that I have found very helpful in my practice.

Get daily morning sunlight, each and every day, even and especially when it is overcast/raining. Our mitochondria are programmed to be sunlight sensitive via a gene named “CLOCK” that was recently discovered (1). This discovery was the topic of the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 2017 (2). When our mitochondria are exposed to the effects of the light that hits our retina (especially the long-wavelength early morning and evening sunlight), the part of the mitochondria that makes ATP, a rotor called complex 5, operates smoothly, turning about 9000 times per minute (3). When we expose our retina to the blue light from our smartphones and overhead fluorescent “energy efficient” lighting, the rotor gums up and jams intermittently, less ATP is produced, and oxidative stress accumulates in the brain, the heart, and the mitochondria itself. These byproducts further gum up the rotor and we notice the physical symptoms of brain fog, fatigue, and body pain. Make getting up to see the sunrise a priority and you will feel the difference.

Wire as many devices as you can in your home and select appliances that don’t have any “smart” functions. This includes re-establishing a “land line.” This can be a bit tricky and technical as most providers say they only offer “VoIP” (Voice Over Internet Provider) for a land-line. If you push, you can still get the land line hooked up to the old copper wiring at the street, but it takes being persistent and not taking what they say is the “only option.” Look into a router that you can hardwire your computer to. Most every appliance by Samsung and LG are “smart” and therefore have W-FI built in by default. Some of these are able to be turned off, but the newer ones are becoming more difficult to de-activate. Go through your house and evaluate all of the appliances. Surprisingly, an electric can opener generates the highest EMF of any appliance in the kitchen.

Detox, detox, detox. Just like with any chronic stress on the body (I am thinking “persistent” Lyme here) detoxing the body is often necessary for the body to heal and then to thrive. Metals in the body (and in the home – I am talking about the coils in the bed mattress) act as antennae for WI-FI signaling. Things like zeolite, EPSOM baths, Red light therapy, sauna therapy, and foods with high B vitamins can be helpful to offload some of the metal load in your body. If your metal load is significant (you have chronic, unexplained neck pain, belly pain, chronic candida, and chronic skin allergies) consider working with a doctor who specializes in gentle chelation methods. As an aside, I would never recommend a urine challenge to “asses the metal load” in a child. This risk of redistribution and resultant injury to the blood brain barrier is not insignificant. A note on mold and mold illness: these are the EFFECTS of nnEMF and other toxin exposure and can make it more difficult to detox, but are not the primary cause of illness. In our increasingly high nnEMF environment, we can expect molds and mold illness to increase. Molds attempt to metabolize the toxic effects of nnEMF. Do not blindly eradicate mold without working on the source. “You can not get healthy by continuing to live in the same environment you got sick in.” (See STEP SEVEN.)

Pick a few times a day to turn your device on. Otherwise turn the device off, or at least in airplane mode. You can “sync” with your friends, family, and work and decide on times you are all available to connect. It is becoming culturally acceptable for professionals to create auto-replies on their emails and facebook that dictate when they will be checking their accounts. Work-at-home moms might check their messages once a day just after dinner and dedicate an hour each morning to returning these messages. The benefit of only checking in at predetermined times is that this can be a first step at “defragmenting” your life. Once you master this step, you can then figure out ways to defragment other areas in your life, like opening mail as soon as you get it and respond, file, or recycle/shred it and arranging to pay all of your bills on one or two days a month.

Do the normal healthy stuff, like optimize gut health, get regular daily healthy movement, and put more focus into those healthy relationships that support your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual growth. Schedule regular times to evaluate your priorities in your life and work to feed those priorities. When we are always waiting for “later” to come, we miss what’s right in front of us. The only time is NOW, and the NOW is the only doorway to the future. I enjoy Eckhart Tolle’s “New Earth” audiobook on this topic.

Practice cold thermogenesis (4) and eat a diet that supports that practice, including wild-caught cold-water smaller fish, healthy organic fats, and a rainbow of fruits and veggies every day. Conventional grains, meats and dairy have high toxic loads and the grains (along with nuts and seeds) contain high levels of deuterium, which significantly gum up the mitochondrial rotor.

Jack Kruse, MD has a saying that goes, “You can’t get better in the same environment you got sick in.” This means that to get healthy and stay healthy, you need to change your environment.

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(2) https://www.nobelprize.org/nobel_prizes/medicine/laureates/2017/press.html
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(4) https://www.jackkruse.com/cold-thermogenesis-easy-start-guide/

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