We have had a dramatic increase in gun violence in the United States, with a devastating effect on the social order. Children are afraid to speak up and make enemies in school; parents are afraid to send their children to school. Metal detectors are being erected on school grounds, elevating the level of fear even further with that mental image seeping deep into the subconscious of the children.

Children today are also bombarded with sensory hijacking everywhere they look. Televisions and other screens give a false sense of a three dimensional world, thereby creating different neural pathways to process this information. Additionally, the images coming from the screen change every few seconds, sometimes several times a second. The result is these rapid fire images are collecting without processing, bringing stress into an already stressed system (bad food, anger of society as a whole), and the residual effects of these images not processed lead to a sort of immune dysfunction of the sensory system.

Within the person develops a response to the residual altered sense perceptions, such as anxiety, or fear, or in the case of aspartame, an altered perception of caloric intake for which the liver secretes insulin, resulting in hypoglycemia, and further stress on the system. Repeat exposures of the same perception that has not been fully processed triggers a now quicker response of greater intensity. At a certain point, this response can become anaphylactic.

A child that is raised in today’s mainstream society is bombarded with altered sense perceptions in their vision (screens), taste (through food), hearing (through digitalized sound), touch (through synthetic fibers), and smell (through artificial perfumes and scents). It is no wonder they can find themselves (pun intended) not knowing who they are. It is from our self-knowledge that we can know who another person is. Without knowing ourselves, how can we expect to understand anything about the community we live in?

It is this premise that the child who goes on to commit some horrendous act upon society is a reflection of how society has cut that child off from knowing himself. And to that end, that child never has the opportunity to know what exists beyond them. The victims in these crimes remain anonymous to the person committing the crime. There is no appreciation that the other is the other. The child in this situation can only be feeling that they are hurting themselves, because they themselves are not complete. And anaphylaxis occurs, destroying the organism, which in this case is the child and his immediate (self) surroundings.

But, this is not how the story ends. This is just how it is currently playing out. And lucky for us, we can look out into the world and see exactly what is going on. This is a GOOD thing, to be able to see what the problem is. Being able to correctly identify the problem allows us to be able to go back the way we came, back towards Health. There are many ways to get our children fully in to their bodies, able to properly discern what they need from the world around them. We have been doing this for thousands of years. When we get back to keeping our children warm, body and soul, through love and movement, we will be on that path to healing.

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