What archetypes is nature feeding us at this time of year? What gifts are we to digest with our senses? We see all types of beautiful, vibrant colors in the flowers, we smell the sweet nectar, and too much of it makes us sneeze. Our body seems to know how much we are able to take in, and some of us can digest more than others. The flower is the soul portion of the plant that blossoms in the Spring. All the forces that have been saved up through the dark winter are pulled out of the ground by the sun and burst through the very ends of the plant. The bees and butterflies in their flight from flower to flower show us how the very life of spirit touches our soul.

In west Sonoma County, I am out with my children collecting flowers from our property to bring to school on Monday. The first thing we notice is the purple-tipped milk thistle is in full bloom. It seems these hearty plants shot up over night. Many a landowner with their tidy yards get frustrated by these “invasive” plants. If not caught early, before flowering, the entire area is overtaken by a purple, spiny sea of thistle. The milk thistle is known medicinally as a liver-process, immune-supportive plant. There is a poke to the immune system, a waking up of sorts, to enable the highest consciousness of a person to recognize self versus non-self. This liver process is seen also in the gardener who needs to exert great will to keep the milk thistle in check.

We also have fragrant, soothing lavender, which seems to be an assembly hall for the bees. You can hear the chatter and excitement of the bees as they weave in, out, and around this flower, which itself looks like a strong, soft, purple bee. This plant is hearty and will spread wildly with great force when it is left connected to the earth. When harvested and left out of water for even a few minutes we begin to see the “bees” fall back towards the earth.

The stunningly bright orange aster flower invites us in to experience the soul quality of warmth, like that of the sun. We can experience the feelings of patience, and forgiveness that come with facing a challenging situation with the utmost discernment. Greek mythology teaches us about the god Jupiter’s decision to flood the Earth in response to the ongoing fighting. The heartbroken goddess Astraea asked to stay behind as a star. When the flood waters receded, she appeared as thousands of orange and red asters representing the tears she shed for the loss of lives. In this way, Astraea gave us back the warmth that was needed for healing the hurt.

So, get outside and enjoy the bountiful archetypes that natural freely gives to us this time of year. Although it is fun to explore what these archetypes are saying to us, nature will give these gifts whether we are aware of their significance or not. Make sure to bring your children as they are particularly sensitive to the gestures of these plants. No words are needed, just sit back and behold their beauty with awe and reverence. Oh, and don’t forget to check for ticks upon returning home!

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